THE 'DEAD PATH CHRONICLES' - An in depth look at the characters of a fantastic series of fantasy books; where the undead rise from their dreaded dark dungeons. A vampire books spectacle. Journey to a land and enter the dark passage to a dark and stormy realm. This is the time and night of the living dead, where the undead of the dark mountain of Drone emerge to unleash their cruelty and malice upon the society of the free people of Alamptria. A world of chaos and danger from the undead creatures. Richard A Valiceks classic fantasy books delivers heart pounding, action packed epic battle fantasy. Valiceks dark and stormy literature carefully plotted; written to entertain. The creatures of mount Drone are out for blood. Valicek discusses the characters of Alamptria. Read about their history; their ambitions and their behavior. Find out who they are; what drives them; where they've been; what they're up to and where they're headed. This ia a vampire book series to remember. An endless lust for blood the undead creatures of the underworld crave in this epic battle fantasy series. Cynthia Davenport watched her mother die at the hands of a mugger, who after robbing her mother, shot her point blank range. He was never found. At seeing Cynthia’s growing distress and anguish over the loss of her mother, and her helplessness in the face of a violent world of thieves and hoodlums, her father, a war veteran, took it upon himself to train Cynthia in the art of hand-to-hand and sword combat. ... READ MORE
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THE DEAD PATH COMMENTARY – A look at a fantastic vampire epic knights tale of an epic battle fantasy series.

Vampire chronicles fiction at its best. The dark lord’s dark passage and a realm of sin and desire for human flesh. A vampire books classic.

Any reader seeking thrilling sci fi adventure action fantasy stories, unique characters, and fantastical settings should know the Seaton name. The first in the dark twisted fantasy series, these dark books are sure to make an impact. ‘Quantum Heights’ is a high spectacle! One of the best vampire chronicles books in a series. This is a vampire series that’s bound to have people talking. Filled with excitement where vampire knights take action in this book spectacle. Through ages, classic fantasy novels have inspired us. These are dark fantasy tales that will be remembered for decades to come. These are not aggressively violent vampire books that are gory, but a perfect blend of action, romance, suspense, and intriguing plot that captures the imagination. What makes these different books are these are somewhat futuristic novels. Richard A. Valicek’s latest book is an unforgettable tale that will exceed everyone’s expectations. Quantum Heights, Valicek’s first instalment of the Dead Path Chronicles series, is a delight, makes you think, thrills and excites. It’s also compact at under 350 pages, delivering all the page-turning story in an economical format.

These dark novels strive to entertain. Vampire fiction is old literature. But gaining more in popularity. When I set out to write this vampire novels series, I wanted something different. This fantasy has it all. It is an epic battle fantasy. The dark lord has sent his vampire minions; releasing them from his dark dungeons. And the vampire hunter is eager to destroy the undead and the cult that is spreading throughout all of Alamptria. If you want quality of a vampire book series that is not aggressively gory, then this is the dark and stormy fantasy series you’d like to get your hands on. In Alamptria, good must temper the looming threat of evil for survival. The dark forces have awakened and returned to torment the people of Elysium, Koriston and the other cities of Alamptria. Fortunately the vim of Petoshine and its great wizard Grongone stand strong against the rising evil. To help conquer the dark forces, Grongone bestows three claymores of astonishing power upon the Seaton brothers who as knight masters and vampire hunters set about defending the people of Elysium and Alamptria’s other great cities of this series. The knight masters are truly epic knights. Though the Seatons are only human, with each successive attack, their power grows, feeding off the energy of the vim of Petoshine. The vampire lord trembles as more knights embrace the vim. But not all are chosen for the honor of claiming the sword of power.

Fantasy fiction is very popular. To write a vampire novels series that delivers, one must have the knowledge of fantasy writing. This dark twisted fantasy is sure to entertain. For over a thousand years, Makoor and his undead minions have laid dormant, waiting for the opportunity to strike. They feared Grongone’s great power. Yet over time, the dark and stormy forces regrouped, gaining power exponentially as their forces grew. With every passing day, the dark lord Makoor and the undead plotted the day when they would unleash their torment and persecute the humans of Alamptria to take ultimate control over the land, and to feed on the blood of the people and make them accept Makoor as their master. It is a blood thirsty dark passage epic and fantasy stories series you will remember.

When the innocent meet the brutality and horror of the dark forces, they find the heroism of the unstoppable Seatons a beacon of light. Driven by strength, intelligence and brotherhood, the Seaton brothers stand tall to fight against the undead to ensure peace and harmony remain in Alamptria………… READ MORE

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Richard A. Valicek releases chapters and excerpts from his classic vampire book series. A story well told from the dark dungeons of the underworld.

>>> These chapters were taken from the vampire novel ‘Quantum Heights.’ An exciting tale where the kights of Petoshine come in confict with the horror of the dark lord and his vampire undead minions. Check back on this website for more on what is the next generation on epic vampire books since the twilight saga..


RELEASED EXCERPT >>> Something Wicked Comes This Way

Confidus accepted the gift. “My son, you spoiled the surprise. Why bother wrapping it if you’re going to tell me what’s inside?” he playfully chided his son. He set the bottle on the étagère by the door and pulled off the wrapping. It was a premium bottle of brandy, very exclusive and hard to find. “Soothsayers’ Brandy, Dragus? You should not have.”

“See, it was a surprise after all,” laughed Dragus.

Confidus handed Dragus the bottle. “Here, why not pour us a drink.” He sat down on the sofa. Dragus went to the cart where Confidus kept drinks, glasses and ice and poured two shot glasses full. He brought the drinks to the sofa and sat beside his father. The two of them clinked their glasses and wordlessly watched the deep blue Begonia Ocean as it roiled and pitched. Dragus sighed and set down his drink. He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out his silver cigarette case, slid out a cigarette and tapped it on the outside and then retrieved the matches from the box in his coat pocket. He lit the cigarette, inhaled and let out a plume. Confidus stared at his son with one eyebrow raised. “I thought you quit,” he said.

“Father, the dark hours are upon us. The dark lord Makoor is standing behind his vampire minions, planning his next move.” He let out another stream of smoke. “These are the least of my worries.”

“Or the most; if the vampires don’t get you, the nicotine will,” said Confidus. They both sipped their brandy and set the glasses back onto the coffee table. He chuckled. “I remember years ago when you and your brothers were just boys, and I caught the three of you smoking. Do you even remember? You were only six. You’d crept out to the shack behind the apple orchard. I heard the coughing, and when I opened the door, I was nearly knocked over by the wall of smoke.” He smiled. “I thought you all needed to be punished, but your mother, God rest her soul, knew that the foul air you’d all inhaled would be punishment enough. And she was right; the three of you were sick as dogs for the rest of the day. But,” he frowned with fatherly concern.



“Yes, but can you imagine if something were to go wrong underway? You’d never forgive yourself. You’d never be able to recover from that. And, as a soldier, it might color your judgment.”“On the contrary, I think I would have had an advantage,” he said.

“Or a disadvantage. If you land in deep water without a life raft, and the current is swift, you might sink to the bottom.” She took a breath and let it out slowly. “I know you have the light of Petoshine, but if that flame was ever to burn out, and you were alone, then you would die alone.” She looked at him squarely. “Imagine what that would do to the rest of us.”..

Caprius returned her intense gaze and saw a flame of desire there. He began to feel stirrings of it in his own body. “Has anyone ever told you that you are not only beautiful but also very intelligent?”

“Why, Mr. Caprius Seaton, I do believe you are paying me a compliment. So, which do you prefer: my looks or my intelligence?” Calista asked, batting her eyelashes comically.

“Actually, both. You seem to be the complete package,” said Caprius.

“Thank you.” She realized they were flirting and felt suddenly uncomfortable. She leaned back and feigned a laugh. “Melina certainly is lucky to have you.”

“It’s nice to know that there is someone else who appreciates me,” said Caprius.

She smiled warmly. “How about this: you watch my back, and I’ll watch yours.”

“You’ve got yourself a deal,” said Caprius. “To your health,” he said, raising his water glass. Their glasses clinked together, and they laughed. “You know, I’ve never seen this side of you before. In fact, I don’t think I’ve even seen you smile, not like this,” said Caprius. “You’re always so serious and driven. But I have to say, a glass of wine, and you’re quite fun,” he laughed.

“We haven’t actually ever had a real conversation before, aside from that unpleasant day at the pub. Our lives have always followed separate paths. You have Melina, and I’ve got… just my disgruntlements,” she said sadly.

“Don’t say that. Good things are bound to come your way. When you least expect it, the right person will show up on your doorstep. Elysium has many decent men.”

Calista clasped her hands together beneath her chin and rested on them. “Well, I’m looking at one.”

Caprius smiled. “Look who’s the flatterer now.”



Vernon Goncool slowly approached Calista. Caprius tried to stand, but his knee gave way, and he fell back. Vernon edged closer. Caprius dislodged his claymore of power, held it to his knee and murmured some words. The claymore vibrated and, within seconds, his knee was healed. He stood and ran toward Calista. She was trying to scoot away from Vernon but was clearly in too much pain to move quickly. Just as the Goncool put his sword to her neck, Caprius channeled his powers and sent a bolt of energy through the man’s body, causing him to flying through the air and onto his back.

Caprius rushed to help Calista. Her eyelids were fluttering as she struggled to maintain consciousness. Vernon sat up, grinning fiendishly, and transformed himself into a raging, bloodthirsty vampire. Now hulking and powerful, he charged at Caprius like a lion at its prey. But Caprius was empowered with his sword, and he charged as well. They hit each other with the extreme force of two blazing stars and fell back, dazed. Caprius immediately got to his feet, swinging his sword. Vernon brandished his, too, and their weapons clashed. Caprius swung wildly and severed the Goncool’s right arm. Both arm and sword fell to the ground. Vampire Vernon screamed. Caprius reared up for another swing, but before his sword could make contact, the vampire spread its wings and flew away.

Caprius and Calista watched the creature fly off until it was nothing more than a dot on the horizon. Calista looked down at the creature’s severed arm, the hand still clutching the sword. Seconds later, the arm began to move. It struggled and grew until it had evolved into a completely human form. Caprius seized the brief respite granted by this gruesome transformation to deal with Calista’s injury.

“I’m sure it’s broken,” whispered Calista.

Caprius held his claymore against her ankle. The claymore shined with a bright yellow light and, within seconds, she was able to wiggle her foot. “It’s fine,” she said incredulously, scratching her head. Caprius helped her up, and they readied themselves for further battle with the newly formed creature.

They turned around and paused in shock. In the sky, over fifty vampires were approaching. “Oh no!” she shouted.




 ***** HOLLYWOOD BOOK REVIEWS – Nicole Sorkin

Quantum Heights: Book One of the Dead Path Chronicles is a dark fiction novel containing quite an interesting mix of anachronistic themes which include elements of ancient concepts and futuristic ideas. This novel might be considered a part of the “vampire” genre but it is more of a trans-historical blending of fantasy and science fiction. As such, the book evokes the style of steampunk but given the large medieval themes, it might more accurately belong to the elfpunk or mythpunk sub-genres. Building upon the medieval elements of knights, kings, realms, and magic, Valicek incorporates science fiction, myth, and romance quite well.

One of the more interesting things about this novel is how many time periods and genres are included in this collage. The tale centers upon a prince/warrior, Caprius, son of Confidus Seaton. Caprius and his warrior partner, Calista, a woman with a mysterious past, are the two main protagonists who embark on a journey to stop a dark lord; killing vampires and the undead along the way. This is a good old story of the forces of light versus the evil of the dark. An oracle (prophet) provides guidance and there are elements of both dark and evil mystical influences. So, there is a subtle nod to mythology and works such as the Star Wars universe, which also contains elements of the ancient (samurai) within a futuristic context. There are vampires in Quantum Heights but this is not a vampire novel. It is an epic journey that seems to exist in a confluence of all historical eras.

Caprius and Calista are on a quest to stop the Dark Lord, Makoor, from converting the people of Alamptria and Elysium into vampires. This resistance to an encroaching force has subtle political undertones, but in the end, it is a story of good versus evil. Caprius and Calista will receive help, namely from Cynthia, thus completing the prophecy of the three C’s. Calista will have to deal with her past associations with the evil Cambrozes Genesis, while striving to fight for Confidus and the people of Alamptria. Caprius is the main “good guy” but Calista’s backstory is more nuanced and interesting, thus making her somewhat of a Luke Skywalker character in this mythpunk adventure.

There is something for everyone in this novel, mainly because there is just so much inclusion from many different time periods and literary genres. It is an audacious attempt of all things found in customary science fiction writing and therefore makes for an interesting read. This is about the journey of a hero and a heroine. It is an epic tale whose plot is pushed forward by the necessity of maintaining the balance between good and evil. With this universal theme and the many allusions, the story of Caprius and Calista might evoke thoughts of Romulus and Remus or maybe even a Biblical nod to the first man and woman. Given these themes and comparisons, and since this is the first book of these chronicles, the novel ends with the sense of new beginning.

I highly recommend Quantum Heights: Book One of the Dead Path Chronicles by R. A. Valicek across the genres as this story definitely has something for everyone.


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Richard A Valicek