Their world has changed. None will live; none now will rest. The dark lord will unleash his Goncools and vampire minions. A sci-fi cyberpunk fantasy.

It all begins with a single word, a sentence; a phrase that is put on paper.

Humans’ love affair with literature began well over 100,000 years ago when Homo sapiens needed to exchange words and ideas.  From cave paintings to the bible, first our early ancestors, then modern man, have been putting our knowledge and our understanding of the world on record.  Man has always sought to share his knowledge with others, and through the ages, that knowledge would be extracted, absorbed and passed on to others.

From Shakespeare and Hemmingway to Tolkien and Rowling, writers have used their imaginations and sparked generations of writers to unravel their thoughts and create a vast number of tales to be told.  Readers applaud them for their creativity and asked for more.  Books are sold by the many and enjoyed by millions.  Literature makes us laugh, cry, fear and express, all emotions brought on by the unforgettable tales told by the author.

Yet by now wouldn’t one imagine all that could be said has been?  Is there a purpose for us to continue to weave and create such tales?  Novels can consist of 100,000 words;  some much more. The journey to complete one novel can span many months, even years.  To devote such time to a single book requires true passion and true commitment.

One thing is certain: writers write because we enjoy the process and want to share our stories with the rest of the world; an endless quest to share our tales that all began thousands of years ago.





He is the hunter who preys upon humans in his lust for blood.  He is the iniquitous beast with the strength of ten men.  His character is of dangerous minds. With darkest fear, he has the darkest minds known to man. He is swift enough to dodge bullets; stealthy enough to fly into the night as a bat; capable of transformation into a wolf, into a heavy mist, or into nothing at all, and as suddenly can vanish in a moment.  His is without a doubt, the most dangerous and devious minds. He is Dracula: the blood sucking vampire. The dark is rising. From the dark dungeons, she is seduced by his charm. The dead creeper is the darkest delivery to humans. His inner demons, has made him evil. The deadfall is coming. And as she is seduced by his charm, a call for a vampire kiss, and her darkest desire is fulfilled. His lust for blood has her yearning for the lust for a vampire. And as a blood moon rising; you can know that ones to say; silent night deadly night. The inner demons in her has her yearning for more. All is lost. The life she once cherished is gone. She is now with an immortal life. She has transformed to the undead creature of night. He has successfully captivated her. “The river flows in you;” he says to her. But there is hope. For her savior is Van Helsing. He seeks to read the scrolls of the dead souls; the dead souls rising. Van Helsing learns of the undead creature of night. He quickly gathers his weapons against such a monster. He gathers a loyal group of men. Together they hunt down the beast. They are the vampire hunter d bloodlust. Simply meaning, hunter of the undead. And now they must hunt for the dead creeper. Dracula has put his terror in the hearts and minds of all humans who know of his existence; blood moon rising. The vampire underworld has awakened. The darkest delivery is on the hunt. Van Helsing and his men must track down Dracula before he inflicts his blood upon humans. It is time for the dead of night walkthrough. The immortal creature seeks to destroy the vampire hunters. The men must stop the beast; Dracula unbound; Dracula rising. For he is immortal after dark; blood moon rising. The deadfall begins.

These immortal creatures captivate audiences because they speak to the beast that lies inside us all. Our curiosity about these blood-sucking parasites is insatiable. Is it the horror and danger?  The overwhelming desire for eternal life? A dark possibility for seduction?  Or is it that they can assume human form yet possess superhuman dark powers?

It is certainly all of these; Dracula rising. Vampires have captured the literary imagination now more than ever. Dracula is one of the most powerfully written fictional characters ever created, and the books and films in which he appears continue to intrigue audiences. No single character has managed to captivate us equally since Dracula was created over a hundred years ago.  Count Dracula’s intention to survive the ages has manifested; he who hungers for eternal life and embraces the darkness by which to draw human blood shall indeed live forever. His lust for blood is never ending.

This creature of the undead who survives on human blood pre-dates the character of Dracula and in fact stems from the bible.   The character is abandoned by his love to death, forcing him to live alone as a disciple of the devil.  To exact revenge against God, he vows to turn against the church and do wrong by inflicting terror in the hearts and minds of all humans. He becomes the anti-Christ, feared by all.  Any who attempt to rid the earth of him or any other undead risk their lives.

The undead feast on human flesh to survive and multiply. To avoid a plague, the bravest of mortals become vampire hunters.  Their quest is to rid the earth of the scourge of undead to save humanity. Through many stories we see what the vampire hunters endure in their attempts to destroy these disciples of the devil. They must stop the dead souls rising.

The undead feast on human flesh to survive and multiply. To avoid the human plague, the bravest of mortals become vampire hunters. Their quest is to rid the earth of the scourge of undead save humanity. Through many stories we see what vampire hunters endure in their attempts to destroy these disciples of the devil. The vampire, in one of the oldest fictional characters that found its success by author Bram Stoker and his famous book Dracula. For well over a century the Dracula novel has enticed readers. Written so long ago, and still today this book fascinates us; created by the famous Bram Stoker.