RA Valicek


Richard A.Valicek was born to parents of Croatian descent in Canada. He is proud of his heritage, as his great grandfather use to take care of the Austrian kings horses before the first world war. He became intrigued by great storytelling being brought to life on paper. As he grew up his ambitions as a storyteller merged into a career in visual arts, and he graduated with a degree in graphic design.

In 2001, Richard decided he wanted not only to illustrate stories, but he wanted to write them himself. He began taking courses in writing and graduated with a diploma in the Liberal Studies program.  He slowly began to develop what would become his first major work.

His first book entitled: ‘Alamptria: Red Moon Rising’ was published in 2010 and in 2011 it went on to win the Buzzillions Reviewers Choice Award. Richard created a world we have never seen before. His creativity spawned fictional characters that would be a classic tale of knights in conflict with vampires. But this is not an ordinary story of knights; they have been given great power from what Richard calls the vim of Petoshine. The great elf wizard – Grongone; bestowed the swords of power to three knights from the city of Elysium; who would go on to shape the world to bestow freedom and peace. Other knights would follow to embrace the vim. The dark lord has his eyes on the people of Alamptria and seeks to dominate the lands. This is a 24th century tale where evil lurks in every corner. They great oracle – Felicia the golden fleece guides the knights of Petoshine.

Currently, in addition to publishing several stories with Internet magazine ScreamofTerror, Richard is now working on the ‘Dead Path Chronicles’ series.