The filthy little mud flowers have something to say. They are excited that… the devils tower is releasing news from the devils own dark dungeons; that the dead souls rising. Their lust for blood has the immortal creatures talking to the shadow hunter. Here is what they have to say about the blood moon rising…

Now completed is the second instalment of the ‘Dead Path Chronicles’ series – SERENITY INCIDENT. In this, the second novel in the series, I went to the very beginning of the saga. This is a prequel to ‘QUANTUM HEIGHTS’; a story of how it all begins. The tale of Caprius Seaton and his journey of how he becomes a knight master. At first, he is reluctant in becoming the knight master and embracing the vim of Petoshine. His ambitions are to stay in the field of forensics, and be a husband to his beloved Melina Hampshire. but after a bazaar incident in the forensic lab; and evidence is destroyed, Caprius has to investigate this on his own. He discovers the existence of vampires, and must bring forth evidence of proof to his father king Confides Seaton and his council. Presenting the evidence is difficult, and Caprius having discovered the truth a number of times, must present the proof of their existence and stop destroying the evidence. His journey is hard fought and after a serious inflicted injury from a creature of the undead world, he is appointed an agent from the great elf wizard Grongone. and whisked into a world of danger. He grows powerful and is put to the test.

This is an epic action packed roller coaster ride of a tale. Readers will be excited by this story, and from the opening chapter, you can see why this story pulls you in from the beginning.

When I wrote this story, I wanted a Indiana Jones type of adventure. Full suspense and excitement! I think I have accomplished just that. The characters are great, and the villains couldn’t be any more devious and dangerous.

The SERENITY INCIDENT book is compact and under 60,000 words. The descriptions are great and the settings are absolutely amazing. You will discover a world like no other. The ‘Dead Path Chronicles’ series will be one to remember. I have planned out the next four books in the series, and should begin to work on book three soon. Discover the world of Alamptria for your self. Discover book two of the ‘Dead Path Chronicles’ series… SERENITY INCIDENT.

Young woman reading a book. Note the book has been made by me with one of my pix. notebook pen and cup of coffee in wood table. The paper writes that the relax time.