Return of the Goncools

            In the age where readers are driven with adventures of high flying fantasy, there comes a tale that is absolutely unforgettable.  Today, there is a demand in high scale written adventures, and Richard A. Valicek’ latest release doesn’t fall short of what is expected.  By now, if you haven’t heard of the Seaton name, then you are missing out on one of the greatest series to what can ever be created.  How can I describe this latest fantasy romp? I can simply use the best of adjectives to describe Richards instalment of ‘Dead Flowers Have No Mourning.’  Richard doesn’t waste time with this new novel.  He tells his tale in under 100,000 words.  A shorter novel than the first entry in the ‘dead path chronicles’ series.  The author doesn’t go on giving us endless descriptions of what is evolving in the story.  The author who can describe a scene in as little words in my eyes is a master of story telling.

The world of Alamptria is a balance of good and evil.  Though the dark forces have awakened and continue to torment the people of Elysium, Koriston and other cities of Alamptria, the good force of Petoshine and its great wizard ‘Grongone’ stand strong to defeat the evil that has risen.  Grongone bestowed three claymores of astonishing power to the Seaton brothers who as knight masters defend the free people of Elysium, and Alamptrias other great cities.  Though the Seatons are expected to protect the kingdom they can be vulnerable.  The dark forces are seducing their minds.  But with every attack they are viable and grow with power.  Feeding off the energy of the vim of Petoshine.  Which leaves we to a question; can the dark forces overtake Grongone and his master knights? The dark forces are strong.  And with every passing day, the dark lord Makoor and his undead minions continue to torment and persecute those who renounce the name of Makoor.

For over a thousand years, Makoor and his undead creatures have lay dormant; waiting to strike.  They feared Grongones great power.  But through time the villainous Makoor had absorbed a greater power and now seeks to take control of all the lands of Alamptria.

In this age where the innocent meets the brutality and horror of the dark forces, it is a relief to know that some bonds are unbreakable.  The knight masters are an unstoppable force, that carry the light of Petoshine to defeat the dark forces of Makoor.  Driven by sheer strength and intelligence the knight masters are, popular in Elysium and the rest of Alamptria, challenge the undead minions to bring peace and harmony to the people of Alamptria.

In book one – ‘Quantum Heights’, after saving king Confidus’ life and being welcomed to live with the Seatons, Calista (who had joined his majesties assault force and swore oath to fight for Elysium) joins forces with Caprius Seaton on a mission that would have them investigating the most bazaar crime scenes.  Two bodies were delivered in caskets (filled with dirt) and sent to his majesties king Confidus.  What was most peculiar was the finding of two pocket watches with the bodies.  Questions were raised.  And Confidus had no choice but to send his most experienced agent (Caprius; his son) to unravel this mystery.  He along side Calista would travel the lands of Alamptria to solve this baffling enigma.

Along the way, Caprius and Calista question the owner of a clock shop.  A lead has them sent to the village of Galdington and along the way, while aboard a train, Calistas commitment to his majesties assault force is tested.  She meets her old flame, Nigel Goncool, who tries to convince her to join him and the dark forces of Makoor.  Tormented by her past, but her love for Nigel quickly ignites, and she must make a most difficult decision.

Calista and Nigel had met years earlier in the city of Koriston.  She took interest in him and the rest of the Goncools.  They quickly became friends.  There were thirteen Goncool brothers.  And others joined their group and this small band of daredevils grew to a number of twenty-five men.  They would frolic at the near by pubs.  Play card games and drink ale was what Calista enjoyed most.  After months with the Goncools, Calista fell in love with Nigel.  They became good friends.  Nigel Goncool is a swashbuckler who’s travels brought him to Koriston.  He is very close to his brothers Thornin and Vernon.  He would pay any expense to see to their comfort.  It was Nigel who would arrange a nights pleasure with one of the local girls for Thornin and Vernon.  They were hustlers.  They found them selves often getting into bar fights.  And Calista who herself was real mans woman found herself getting caught in the middle of these bar fights.  The Goncools were quick in defending her as they thought her as a prize position.  Calista though did very well in fighting off strange men who she did not want anything to do with.  It seems every few weeks the Goncools were involved in some sort of a brawl.  And when it was over, things got quiet and Nigel and Calista would find themselves alone in a room, courting each other.  But things were about to heat up.  The Goncools were a notorious bunch who plotted against the queen of Koriston (Queen Amenova).  They were to infect the queen with the blood of Makoor and many other civilians.  For months they planned on how to get close to the queen.  When Calista had learned of what the Nortorious Goncools had intended, she quickly grew cold.  Calista had gone into hiding.  She now new she was fraternizing with what were a most diabolical beings she could ever be with.  The Goncools plans were foiled.  Nine were set to be hanged for plotting against the queen.  Some were imprisoned and two had escaped.  This incident went down in Koristons history as the Goncool affair.  But as much as the Goncools plans were foiled, they would have their revenge.

Caprius Seaton married to Melina Hampshire is a master knight who’s devotion to his wife is challenged.  Both reluctant at first to work side by side, Caprius and Calista find themselves coming closer together and their feelings for each other grows with each passing moment.  Not allowing Caprius to escort Melina to the city of Petoshine where she will be giving birth to the child of prophecy has Confidus determined to have Caprius work along side of Calista.  Throughout their journey, Caprius and Calistas trust grow stronger.  And all though Calista revealing her dark secret to Caprius has him shaken at first, through time Calista proves herself worthy and her admiration to Caprius’ needs has Caprius realizing that Calista is indeed worthy of becoming a knight master.

Through the wilderness and their journey to Petoshine, Dragus Seatons mission to deliver Melina and her unborn child is equally challenged.  Dragus is determined to escort Melina safely.  But when a swarm of vampire creatures snatch the new born child (Lantrinon) away from Melina, Dragus quickly becomes pensive.  Feeling guilty for the abduction of baby Lantrinon, Dragus has his army combing the forest of Subius in search of the child of prophecy who has been lost.  Lantrinon is found by a couple of tiny creatures called Grumplets, who look after the baby.  The dark lord who is determined to find the child of prophecy send his henchmen (Carcass Doom) to find the baby and bring him to mount Drone for Extermination.  The blood is boiling in Dragus’s veins.  And it has him scouting the forest in search of Melina’s child Lantrinon.  Driven with rage and guilt, Dragus meets foes along the way who equally are determined to take the child of prophecy to the dark lord.  But his love for his twin brother has him continuing the search for this child that would one day grow up to slay the dark lord Makoor.

Andromin Seaton who is most vulnerable of the Seaton brothers is fighting his own demons.  His relationship with his girl friend (Fetrona) is in shambles.  And it has Andromin taking a leave of absence at hotel Quantum Heights.  Feeling guilty for his wrong doings, he finds comfort in his hotel suite heavily drinking.  But his leisure is interrupted when he finds he is being persecuted by the Taughtenslotte men of Koriston.  Andromins rage grows within him.  And it has him thinking unspeakable acts of violence.  To no surprise, with the escape of the Goncools from prison, it even has the Goncools scoping the hotel Quantum Heights.  Andromin quickly learns of the Goncools attempts to rid the land of Alamptria of its people by infecting all with the blood of Makoor; transforming all to vampires and have the undead in total control of Alamptria.

The dark underworld is growing.  The creatures of the underworld are determined to destroy the Seaton brothers.  Determined to destroy the child of prophecy.  But the great wizard Grongone, together with Felicia the golden fleece use their knowledge and powers to give strength to the Seatons; to protect the child Lantrinon at all cost.  But with Felicias great powers, she is able to look into the child’s future.  She sees Lantrinon will be tempted by the dark side of immortality.  But hope still avails.  And Felicia knows what must be done with this child of prophecy to bring him into understanding what his true destiny is.

The Seatons powers grow stronger by day; as does Makoors powers.  Will the knight masters prevail?  Will they succeed in stopping the Goncools and the vampires of mount Drone?  The vision on what must be done is certainly clear to Felicia the Golden fleece.  Lantrinon must be protected. The undead are seeking the child of prophecy.  And as the knight masters strength grows stronger by day, so does the dark lords Fury.