Books by the science fiction fantasy author – Richard A Valicek

The filthy little mud flowers are on the prowl. From the dark dungeons, the dark lord has released the books to you from the devils own devils tower. The dead souls have the darkest desire to read their tales. The dark is rising. The immortal creatures have unleashed their horror. The deadfall is here.

Serenity Incident by Richard A. Valicek is Book 2 in The Dead Path Chronicles, a tale that involves an ancient prophecy, a great elf wizard, a group of vampires, and the destiny of a kingdom witnessing turbulent times in its history. Set against the backdrop of the future 23rd Century, this monumental fantasy tale will captivate readers with its strong story points, the compelling characters, and the entrancing setting. Readers follow the story of Caprius Seaton and Melina Hampshire as they go through all sorts of challenges to enable a union that is destined to be, and which is the only power left for the kingdom to overthrow the cohort of its powerful and supernatural enemies.

This is a story with a lot of action, one that will spur excitement in readers. From the very first page, readers are introduced to some of the compelling characters, including the legendary elf wizard Grongone, who plays an invaluable role in the story. The writing is crisp and fluid, with powerful descriptions that immerse the reader in the vivid landscapes and the intense action that drives the plot. I also enjoyed the intelligent and plot-driven dialogue, crafted to read naturally and to allow the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the characters.

Richard A. Valicek has a great gift for character, and although there are many of them in the story, he manages to keep the reader focused. Serenity Incident reads beautifully from the beginning, and although it’s the sequel to another book, it reads well alone, with just enough backstory to bring the reader into the storyline. Fascinating story with a great setting and strong characters. It is, without doubt, an interesting and engaging read, a great treat for fans of fantasy.


When King Confidus discovers a plan to turn all the people in the city of Elysium into vampires, as disciples to the Dark Lord Makoor, he seeks help from a prophecy written by Felicia – the Golden Fleece. This prophecy states that three agents, known as the “Three C’s,” are destined to stop the Dark Lord, the vampires, and his henchman, the Goncools, from a life of darkness. Confidus chooses his son Caprius, a knight master and brilliant warrior, to journey to the far reaches of Alamptria to discover the location of the vampires’ lair and stop them before their power becomes too great.
With Caprius, Confidus sends a young woman, Calista, new as an agent but with a reputation as a fierce and brave warrior. Unknown to all in the king’s council is that Calista has dark secrets that make her more than a mere agent of Petoshine. The two set out, at first uncomfortable with their paring, but soon, they warm to each other, and the truth is revealed, bringing them closer than ever. Caprius feels for Calista, with her broken past, and Calista cannot help but be enamored by his intelligence, wit, and skill as a fighter. Their desires are challenged, mostly because Caprius’ wife is at home under the spell of a vampire sorceress; yet, they push forward, knowing the lives of their people are in their hands.
Through numerous battles with vampires, Goncools, and other creatures, death comes close to Caprius and Calista more than once, but their powerful claymore swords protect them against their adversaries. Their journey is also helped by a woman named Cynthia, a striking woman from Caprius’ past, who is on a mission of her own to save the world. In the end, the three will face a fiery battle to save not only themselves, but the mortal world, as well.


Writing epic fantasy and horror takes a wide array of talents. Creativity, of course. And narrative skills. And a detailed knowledge of the medieval and sword play and costume and scene. Richard Valicek’s writings contain all these ingredients. But one of his most impressive talents involves another important facet of fantasy writing. We’ve all heard it said many times. “World building.” The keys to creating a new world, one that has never existed or will ever exist, are to make it believable despite how unbelievable it might be, to give it consistency and depth, and to set up rules that are precisely followed. In “The Dark Magical World of Alamptria,” Valicek has created his version of Tolkien’s “Silmarillion,” a sort of encyclopedia of the characters and events from both his past and future books (though it also contains many standalone excerpts make this even more fun to read). Alamptria is a filled with heroes and vampires, as well as a unusual and fascinating cast of creatures that are unique to this writer’s imagination. Alamptria is set in a future time that, paradoxically, has recaptured much of the past, as if several different time periods have blended seamlessly into one. It is unlike anything I have read before, as surprising as it is ingenious. “The Dark Magical World of Alamptria” will introduce readers to a tale that has been well told already — and yet will also entice readers with what is yet to come. If you read this book, the odds are extremely high you’ll join Valicek in the journeys he has already taken and the journeys that loom ominously ahead. I know I will.